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We keep our pricing flexible to insure the most value for you. It isn't in our best interests to grab as much as we can, so when we're able to save; we like to pass along that savings to you!

Limo Bus Vegas is proud to offer your our modern and fully-equipped limo buses - the newest fleet that you can find in all of Las Vegas. We invest heavily in our buses to keep our commitment of providing clients with only the best limo buses. We also invest in our peole - our chauffeurs, interior designers, customer service staff, and management team to ensure only the quality service is afforded to each of our clients.

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Hiring a limo bus maybe more expensive that taking a taxi around Las Vegas. But with the benefits you can get, plus the comfort and style that you can't have in any taxi, we still can say that hiring a limo bus is still the best option when you are in Las Vegas or the greater Nevada area.

Las Vegas Cocktails

Imagine a comfortable transport from hotel to venue, sipping a drink and chatting with friends while on plush leather seats.

Can you stand up and dance inside a taxi? Can you stretch out and laugh out loud with friends or change the music and lighting inside a taxi? With Limo Bus Vegas, you can do all that and more. And when you and your friends chip in for the price of our buses, you will see that in actuality there is not much of a difference in terms of price. We keep our prices fluid with fluctuation in fuel prices so we can provide you the best deal available at all times.

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We can also change the layout of the buses including the wallpaper and lighting system depending on your requirements. Our rates remain the most affordable in all of Las Vegas and our service is the best when compared with other means of private transportation in the Vegas area.

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Give us a call now so we can discuss your requirements and give you the most affordable quote.